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Taking Every Customer Complaint Seriously

RecordAccount.com is dedicated to resolving every customer complaint as fairly as possible for everyone involved. We believe that solving complaints is what separates good companies from bad ones. But you may be interested in knowing what our complaint response process is. Since we believe in complete transparency, we are happy to let you know what we will do if you come to us with a complaint.

Complaint Step One: When you call us with a complaint, we know that you need us to listen to you. We are not going to just put you through a phone tree and give you a generic response to your problem. We understand that the first and most important part of dealing with any complaint is letting you vent your side of the story so you can get out some of your frustration. We also know that each complaint is unique and requires a unique solution, so we will listen to each and every detail of your complaint.

Complaint Step Two: We understand that you need to feel validated and that the complaint has been resolved in your favor. Otherwise, you will feel that you have wasted your time. So once we hear the details of your complaint, we'll take the time to offer you a solution that we think is more than fair. If you accept our offer, we will be happy to honor it. If you don't think the offer is fair, we will work with you until we can come up with an offer that will satisfy your concerns.

Complaint Step Three: We then follow up with you. A few days later via phone or email, we will contact you and ask you if you are still happy with the way we dealt with your complaint. If not, we'll find new ways to help you out. If you are satisfied, we'll ask you if there are any other ways we can help you in the future.

RecordAccount.com is dedicated to providing consumers with the best customer service possible. Click here to read legitimate reviews about RecordAccount.com.

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