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Using RecordAccount.com To Avoid Scams

A lot of people are out to scam you. That sounds harsh, but it's the cold hard truth. Fortunately, you can use RecordAccount.com to avoid becoming a victim of scam artists. Here's how.

Scam #1: Employee fraud. People will do anything to get a job, including lie on their resume. But you can search our documents to make sure potential employees are telling the truth.

Scam #2: Identity theft. Identity thieves hope you won't notice they are posing as you for as long as possible. But, if you check your own records on a regular basis you'll know right away when you've been hit and can fix your records quickly.

Scam #3: Dating scams. Lots of people will lie about who they are when online dating. They may be married, or they may have a criminal record. They may want to rob or assault you. But if you look them up, you'll know who they really are.

Scam #4: Fake charities. Some scam artists will call up and claim to represent a charity looking for donations. You can easily check their phone number and find out if they are really helping out a non profit or are a scam artist.

Scam #5: Used cars. People try to pull used car scams all the time, but with our searches you can find out the legitimate history of the car.

Scam #6: Rental scams. People ask for a deposit on an apartment you want to rent - but they don't actually own the apartment. Look up their name to see if they have a record for fraud.

Scam #7: Business opportunities. People claim they can help you make money if you just pay them a small fee. Look them up and find out if they have a good reputation or have a history of pulling scams.

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